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An Independent Liaison for Area Garden Clubs with Holden Forests & Gardens


The beauty of

the natural world

lies in the details.
—Natalie Angier

In support of the vision of Holden Forests and Gardens, we promote opportunities for education, volunteering, exploration, and participation in special events to area, Affiliate Member Garden Clubs to ensure their inclusion and representation.


Join us for our next event!

Let us dance in the sun with wildflowers in our hair.   
- Susan Polis Schutz


Affiliate Garden Club Member Options

Member Options

All are welcome.

Members of Affiliate Garden Clubs are encouraged to take part in the plethora of opportunities available at Holden Forests and Gardens,



Whether you're taking a class, participating in a hike, attending a special event, reading one or more of several blogs, or listening to a speaker's presentation, there is a plethora of opportunities for learning.



Volunteer to assist at an event or even providing a educational presentation.



Represent your garden club with an entry in a public event.



The Forests and Gardens of Holden await you!  Visit, explore, and immerse yourself in nature and enjoy! 


From the Desk of Shirley Swindell

Affiliate Council Board Chair


As of June 2022, I am serving as the Chair of the Affiliate Council Board, which represents 48 unique & diverse area-wide garden clubs with a singular passion for gardening.  We are fortunate to have one of the best Botanical Gardens & Arboretums in the United States, Holden Forest and Gardens, right here in our front yards. This gives us the opportunity to learn more about our plants and gardens through various educational classes offered, exploring favorite & new plant collections in beautiful natural settings, and experiencing true enjoyment while doing so. I heartly encourage you to join as a member of HF&G and experience the joy and beauty at both Holden Arboretum and Cleveland Botanical Garden campuses all year long.

If you're not currently a member of one of the region's garden clubs, I encourage you to visit one near you; garden clubs feature an array of speakers, hands on projects, and nature related learning events at their meetings. I am sure you will find that very garden club that will fit your interest with fellow gardeners waiting to welcome you.  Gardening is a lifelong learning adventure, so if you wish assistance in finding a garden club that may match your needs, visit the list of Affiliate Garden Clubs on this website, or reach out to one of the Affiliate Council members, also available on this website.  

Wishing all of you happy gardening days ahead,


Shirley Swindell
Affiliate Council Chair
Member, The Herb Guild and Olmsted Falls Garden Club

Letter from the Chair

Shirley Swindell, Chair
Herb Guild, Olmsted Falls Garden Club

Marianne Stern, Secretary

Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club

Kevin Borowiak
Winter Show Coordinator

Gardenwalk Cleveland

Margaret Ransohoff

Shaker Lakes Garden Club

Linda Grandstaff

Lakewood Garden Club

Karen Kelly, Co-Chair

Hudson Garden Club

Ernestine Patterson

Lyndhurst Garden Club

Affiliate Council

Board Members

Kim Carroll
Western Reserve Herb Society

Emily McLaughlin

The Garden Club of Cleveland

Mary Jo Deucher
Lyndhurst Garden Club

Deborah Kramarz

Gardeners of Greater Cleveland

Jane Petrie
Emerald Necklace Garden Club

Mary Anne Sobecki
The Town and Country Garden Club

Board Members
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